Monday, September 8, 2008

home stretching

wow, it seems just like yesterday we all started losing ourselves and pulling on bars to prove that we are masters of our universe. but somewhere in the mix i lost my motivation. i am solidly down 7 but am trying to find a reason to keep dropping. i am thankful for the blog and those who are staying on it, john and boom boom have been blazingly inspirational but fried chicken is so good. so, i am suggesting that we have a celebration of sorts to re-energize our efforts. lets call it a "feats of strength party" i am proposing a mini-quadrathalon plus, possibly a bike, run, pull up, eat yogurt, swim(?), drink a beer, etc. event. ideas?

1 comment:

BoomBoom said...

I'd hardly call pizza for two meals this past weekend inspirational... but I'm in for said shin-dig. Congrats on 7 lbs and holding.