Sunday, August 10, 2008

Updates, Comments

I went to see my doctor on Thursday to follow-up on my accident injuries. While there, the nurse weighed me with my clothes on (incl. shoes, keys, wallet, etc). It was 138 lbs. My doc referred me to physical therapy because I still have limited motion in my neck and numbness/tingling in my shoulder/upper arm. On Friday, while waiting for the PT, I weighed myself with clothes on (excl. shoes, keys, wallet, etc). It was 136 lbs. So this is the weight that I entered for this week. Admittedly, it's a few days post-official weigh-in.

On other news, what is up with Lil' Ken leading the pack in weight loss and the kid is just "observing" the drop10 program! Dang, Gina.

As for me, I was told by the physical therapist to not play basketball for a couple more weeks. My neck/back still hurts. It is not muscular soreness. Instead, it is nerve-related to my degenerative disc disease in C6-7 area and a bulging disc in the C4-5 area. When I was lying on the table and he lifted my back up, it hurts. But when you just press on my back muscles, it only hurts a little and then a lot when the spine is pressed hard. Plus, arm tingling/numbness is definitely nerve related. He stretched my neck out which alleviated some symptoms and improved neck motion. However, by evening, my neck/back was even more sore from the PT work. we are in Boston for the week. Time to eat some lobster.

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