Tuesday, August 26, 2008

NYC Killed me...

Man o man... Sarah and I took four days in NYC and we ate, and ate, and ate... I have to admit, even if I loose ground on my weight loss, it was so worth it!

You just cannot pass up; bibimbap, fresh handmade mandoo soup, handmade frozen yogurt chains, korean style fried chicken, yakitori (our favorite being bacon wrapped asparagus), beer (for me), fresh hand rolled canolli, korean bbq pork belly, freakishly amazing chocolate scones, and on and on and on.

Its sad but I probably pulled back to even in weight, but man o man it was a fair sacrifice. I think even if I don't manage to loose much weight, at least I am feeling good about working out regularly, and that to me seems pretty cool. Good food may be too difficult to give up.

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