Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've been told by people, including Richard Simmons, that diet pop can actually make you fatter. Now, I had a hard time believing that since I know I didn't eat more as a result of drinking it. However, after doing some internet reading, I'm giving it a shot. I have known that I'm putting foreign, unnatural chemicals into my body, but didn't care. However, the symptoms and issues that aspartame can apparently cause are serious. (If the internet stuff is right.) So, I'll be a guinea pig and quit drinking it for a month and see if it helps my weight loss process. Obviously that means I'll probably reach for more water, which is always a good thing... and probably tea, also good. I only have had one can a day, but I've had it regularly for a long time. So, maybe it has finally caught up with me. I'll give you a full report in a month or so.

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Okumura said...

hey, b4 your experiment, put your weight down for this week :)