Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot Dog

So. . .I won't be able to make the official weigh in tonight because i will be at a Twins game but i will weigh myself on my scale at home and post, with the knowledge that this is not an official weight. Yes i will be eating a dome dog, my best guess is 260 calories per dog 240 from fat, mmmmm, can't wait.


krt said...

Just weighed myself, Peter was a witness on the home scale. 153.

hapanine said...

Well nice work dude. Diggy might have you though, as he puked out 5 lbs. on Sun. morning after diggy night.

I feel like I'll be up 2lbs. this week for sure. My scale at home says I've gained. Not a good week for me.

BoomBoom said...

Congrats, krt... now I'm the jealous one.

No dogs here, but family in town. We've gone out to eat and had home cookin' (including mac n cheese), so I've stayed the same this week. Not to mention the mens*&%al cycle. A dirty word, indeed. Shooting for 2 more by next week. Sorry to miss the big party...hope it rocked.